Army Career Path to Become a General

To become a general, you've got to know a few things. Among these are: The salary structure is based on rank and service time. The type of communication skills necessary for the position. The non-combat roles you can have in the armed forces. A college degree in military science is a cost-effective way to enter the United States Army. The program offers students the opportunity to gain military tactics and strategies expertise and prepares learners for entry-level civilian positions in government and criminal justice. Students are encouraged to participate in military-like activities, such as Airborne training, Mountain Warfare training, Cadet Troop Leader Training, and the Ranger Challenge, a varsity sport for Army ROTC. These activities provide students with leadership development experience while fostering social and hard skills. In addition to earning a college degree, students who enroll in a military science program can look forward to a successful future in a growing techno